Gift card / Saving card

25,00250,00 incl vat

Eijk Gift Card





Gift Card


Gift card / Saving card

We like you to walk on the EIJK shoes

But we can imagine that it is not always possible to buy a pair of shoes!

So, therefore, we added gift/ saving cards… in this way, you can ask for your birthday a gift card, or you can buy now and then one for yourself, to save in this way for your most wanted shoes!



Help your friend to buy her highly wished EIJK shoes ♥️

Do you wanna give somebody a comfortable birthday gift?

Or do you wanna save money for your new shoes?



Every time when you buy or receive a gift card, a unique code of equal value is generated and sent to you or the specified recipient. The gift card owner can:

  • Use it to pay for orders by entering the code directly at checkout.
  • Add the amount to their account for later use.



Gift card / Saving card